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Conservation of engery

  1. Oct 8, 2006 #1
    Im having the hardest time grasping how to solve these problems.

    When we started this class.. he mentioned you set up a table of info : Vf, Vo, A, T, X.. and so

    Now we get to conservation of engery and I am totally lost on how to solve these problems.

    I understand the idea behind Potential and Kinetic engery and how we store one and it turns into the other.

    How do we go about working the harder conservation of engery problems.. do you know of a good link I could read.

    My textbook only covers the basic PE + KE info and buts doesnt explain how to apply this to different situations.

    any tips of this section...??
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    I'm not really sure about this table approach, I guess it is to list givens and unknowns and figure out what you need. Seems like it encourages a plug and chug approach though, which isn't the best way to go about physics.

    I think hyperphysics has some good stuff that may be of some help, but only if you have some understanding already. If you have just absolutely no idea the best thing to do is talk to your teacher after class, and work out what you don't know.

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    great thanks.. I will check it out!
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