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Conservation of Mechanical Energy

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    Would someone please explain the concept to me that Velocity is independent of mass. Thank you for your time. It is preferred that you email me a response.
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    What??? (Hey, I'm not being as insulting as ottjes!)

    That's like asking asking us to explain why mass is independent of position or why mass is independent of color. Mass is DEFINED as a measure of the amount of matter in an object. Changing speed does not change the amount of matter in an object.

    (You asked for an explanation of the concept of mass being INDEPENDENT of velocity. A more interesting question would be why, in relativity mass DOES depend on velocity. {The "classical" mass which in relativy would be rest-mass DOESN'T, the mass as measured from another frame depends on the velocity relative to that frame.})
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    Halls, looks like he's talking about conservatin of energy and how it relates to mass.

    Phy, you're asking about E = m v^2, right? Or how an object moving at one speed can hit another object, causing it to move at a different speed? Quite simply, energy is conserved, so for a smaller object to have the same energy, it must move faster and vice versa.
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