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Homework Help: Conserved energy of air

  1. Nov 4, 2015 #1
    1. A ball falls to the ground through the air. Is the energy of the air conserved?

    2. None

    3. When a ball falls to the ground a transformation of energy occurs. The previously stored potential energy gradually becomes kinetic energy during its fall. The energy conserved in the air is the slight rise in temperature produced by the friction between the ball and the particles in the air. So the answer to this question is yes I think but I'm not sure.
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    Your reasoning is correct. A (very small) part of the kinetic energy of the ball is passed on to the air molecules.
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    Seems like a strange question, but assume you have a wooden block sliding down inclined plane made of ice.
    Assume some small coefficient of friction, say, .05.
    Now, is energy conserved in the ice?
    Is energy conserved in a pot of water when it heated from room temperature to boiling?
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