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Considering a tripple major

  1. Jun 21, 2013 #1
    Ive been considering a PhD in physics.( which is currently my major, 1st year CC (bred courses first lol) I'm very interested in philosophy, psychology, cosmology and astronomy. My ending result with obtained degrees of course, i want to be able to intertwine physics,astronomy,psychology and how there all related. i want to devote my life to finding out how they all relate to one another and how they show up in everyday life thought the knowledge we obtain. basically my life's goal is to be a contributer to science and research this theory i have acquired. Thus being a Sagittarius i want to apply it to the world around me(nouns) in the optimistic hopes it will change humanities perspective on how we view our home planet and the universe around us. Ive come to the recollection in order to do such i will have to devote my life to education, and I'm okay with being a "professional student". should i go for a double/triple major? or Yes, I'm going to publish a book. and i placed in arithmetic as my starting math class, a little "rusty" but I'm willing to be a slave to a multitude of math classes.

    help :)
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    Im in the same boat, im just not pursuing as much as you are. Im 28 and trying to learn the basics all over again, in order to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. If this is something that seriously interests you and you can commit to all the schooling and student loans down the road then I would say go for it. You planning on doing all three majors simaltaneously? Or having breaks in between?
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    Astrology? This is a serious science forum. Please do not come here to troll.
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