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Considering eating less meat

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    I am condisering starting to eat less red meat, because I've read that today's meat productoin (especially cattle) is not good for our planet. I've also read that eating fish and white meat (chicken) is a lot more healthy than red meat. Besides, it's an ethical plus that I will contribute less to animal suffering (I've read that fish don't feel pain like mammals do).

    So, I'm actually considering to start eating only chicken and fish, and less meat in general (some meat free dinners if I figure out how to cook tasty vegetarian stuff).

    I value evidence and facts, so I'm not simply gonna accept arguments from vegetarianisms without being critical. And are these arguments true, for instance?
    http://www.prohealthblog.com/vegetarian-lifestyle/what-to-serve-a-vegetarian-guest.html [Broken]
    Any trustworthy books or documents that you can recommend? I've also heard from people who are anti-vegetarianism that vegetarianism is not healthy, and that humans need a lot of food AND vegetables (and less carbo). I'm confused! Which side should i believe?

    What's your reflections on this? Any vegetarians here, btw? (And what's your motivation?)
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    I was thinking about my diet few minutes ago which consists of only fish and chicken and coffee. I haven't touched any green vegetables or fruits for a long time. I would need to do some research about it as soon I start considering about my old age life and health :).
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    I hunt deer, and I am dedicated to killing them as humanely as possible. I hunt with a single-shot rifle to further enforce my father's training that you never take anything less than a clean-kill shot. I have native american blood on both sides of my family, and I will never treat animals differently based on their similarity to humans. If I cannot cleanly release and return a fish to its waters, I will kill it as quickly as possible. I hunt birds with an old (about 80+ years now) Ithaca side-by-side 16 ga that I can point and shoot a whole lot more reliably than most people can aim. In my mind a wild creature that has lived its whole life free has had a LOT better life than one raised for food, and if I can dispatch it quickly, it's far preferable to buying commercially-processed meats, etc.
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    I see far fewer problems with sustainable and humane hunting like you do, than traditional meat production like cattle farming, not to mention slaughtering according to religious books.

    In my mind too. And in the mind of the wild creature, I'm sure :)
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    I eat a moderate amount of meat because I dont like eating big portions of meat all day long. It's been a while since I've had a steak. I prefer small amounts of meat with sides like mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, etc.

    But I dont do it "because I care about the planet" or any of that other mumbo jumbo.

    I don't get being a vegetarian and think anyone that does it is nuts. I remember a while ago arguing with some loon vegitarian. He was talking about how if he were alone in the woods he wouldt just quietly pass away and not harm any of the lovely bambi-like animals and become food for them. KOOOOCOOOO.
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    Have you read and considered this though (quoting a wiki out of laziness):
    Does/did that knowledge affect your choices?
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    Depends where you live of course, but cattle or sheep in say, the Yorkshire Dales are probably treated better than factory chickens.

    Eating less meat is probably a healthy choice if you have a typical western diet but don't assume that factory chickens, farmed salmon and deep sea trawlers are good the environment.
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    Really? Why?
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    1) Health comes before these ethics
    2) Religion could be one of the reasons. Otherwise advocating for things that have no effect on our and our environment sustainability is nonsense IMO.
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    The only type of vegetarian I can respect is simply because they dont like the taste of meat. Why shouldn't you eat meat?

    There is also the religious argument, as rooX said, but those fall into the nuts category by default anyways.
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    Maybe you're right, and I will consider eating more meat again if people start bashing me for being hysterical. After all, I don't have any children, so why should I care about the future of the planet?
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    Sorry, fearmongering doesnt work on me. :wink:
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    Being killed shortly after hatching isn't the worst thing, but I guess chickens are among the animals that receive the worst treatment before being killed, so it's wrong in my eyes to contribute to this. On the other hand, white meat is more healthy than red meat, so I'd rather eat that. Question is, is it enough to eat fiish, or do I need some meat from birds or mammals as well?
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    Probably not. Maybe the best thing is if we all kill ourselves.
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    Are you saying that cattle farming has no effect on our environment sustainability?
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    You don't believe in global warming, right?
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    Only in having less fat. If you are eating large amounts of high fat meat, like mince then it's probably better to eat less of it!
    Lean red meat isn't much higher fat than chicken.
    I don't eat cheap factory chicken because it is totally tasteless as well as cruel. I eat free range eggs but free range chicken is too pricey.

    You don't NEED meat of any sort, although if you don't eat any meat at all you have to be a little more careful in what other stuff you eat to make sure you get enough iron and some vitamins. Most vegetarians are into food and are careful about what they eat.

    Not eating meat because you think it's cruel is perfectly OK. But then I would avoid cheap factory chicken!
    Although you not eating beef isn't going to stop anyone cutting own the rain forest if you feel you are making a difference fine.

    As I said, if you have a typical meat+fast food western diet then you could probably stand to eat less meat (and less fat and less HFCS) from a health point of view.
    Especially if you cook for yourself most veggie food is a lot tastier and more interesting than a burger!
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    If that's an argument, I shouldn't bother to vote in the election either, right?
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    Improves sex life wasnt on the list of wishful thinking, so I'll have to pass.

    Sorry, most of those reasons seem like utter crap. (pun alert!)

    Animals die every year for consumption: the horror! I want to eat live animals.
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    Why would you say that, kasse? You shouldn't go around assuming things.
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    Seeming like and being are two different things. My brother says it's true, my friend says it's BS, so I don't know what to say. My friend says she's gonna eat 3 cows for every cow I don't eat, though, so maybe I'm wrong to stop eating meat anyway...
  24. May 26, 2009 #23
    From your link:
    I don't see where's the sustainability issues. All I get from that information is that costs of maintaining livestock are higher and so should the prices (or vegetarian food is cheap). It doesn't say anything else.
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    OK, then I surrender.

    Why do so many people hate vegetarians?
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    Because they do it for irrational reasons and think they are morally better.
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