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Considering EE career

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    So I am 6 years in the navy as a Navy Nuke and I am considering this field. I suppose I'm just looking for as much information as I can right now about the field, trying to find out if it's a good fit for me. I have always been interested in electronic devices and engineering in general, I mean, it's what makes our world today work!

    Anyways, I'm just interested in the types of careers people have with a EE degree in their pocket! could somebody share some real world experience here with me? Thanks for reading!
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    You already fulfill the most important requirement......You are interested in it. So many people gone in just for the money and that is a wrong way to go. You should go for it, if you are not sure, take the Calculus classes along with EE so in case you have a change of heart, you have good math background with you. IT is about the most important thing.

    EE field is so broad, don't just look at which one have more jobs, go with the one you have the interest. I personally like analog, RF, IC. I don't like digital, embedded system, FPGA, firmware type even though I spent years in it. Those are a lot easier, but there are a lot of people in this. Even there are more jobs in those digital stuff, there are a lot of people apply for those jobs. People that can't hack the analog, electromagnetics and math go to digital as an escape route!!!

    That's just me.
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    jim hardy

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    wow your navy training is worth a lot in civilian nuke power industry.

    i worked in instrumentation,, power plant maintenance .

    Fascinating because there's such a variety of equipment in a plant and always more to learn.

    an electrical with some reactor background is really valuable in a plant.

    that was my career, hands on the equipment .
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