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Considering getting an MBA

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    I am considering getting an MBA. They have a pretty easy program here at WVU where you can get an MBA in 14 months. If I have a mechanical engineering degree (and maybe a math degree) with an MBA all from the same college, what kindda jobs will I be able to do that aren't engineering?
    I looked at some financial positions and they usually require a B.S in finance or similar. Will a degree in Engineering (or Engineering + math) and an MBA substitute for the B.S in finance or accounting?
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    How old are you?

    Are you in your third year yet?
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    I'm 19. Next year (06/07) will be my third year in college, but I'll be done with my mechanical engineering degree after that. I'll need about 5 more classes to get a math degree and I found out that my university offers an MBA program that lasts 14 months (summer/fall/spring/summer). So here are my choices:

    1. finish engineering then start with the MBA program in the summer and squeeze in the 5 math classes that I need for the degree while getting the MBA.

    I can then go to grad school or go out and get a job.

    2. Go to grad school or get a job right after next year without doing option 1.

    The deciding factor here will be whether the MBA + math degree are worth the extra year or not. BTW, the extra year will be free (ie. I won't have to pay for tuition), but the opportunity cost of the year is deffinately worth a lot. This is why I was asking about the extra advantages of having an MBA. What kind of extra jobs will it allow me to have? I like finance, so will I be able to do any of that with just an MBA and no finance degree?
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    1 year is a big opportunity cost?

    I never thought that was big. That's quite small for the extra you're getting.

    Whether or not it will help you get a job depends on how credible your school is. If it's a school where they hand out degrees like paper with words on it, then maybe not.
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    If I don't go to grad school and just get a job the opportunity cost will be about $60,000. If I go to grad school, it'll be even higher.

    Do you know how credible WVU is thought to be? I honestly think it's easy, but that's just me.
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