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Constant Curvature

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    If a certain space-time region has a constant curvature (caused by, say, an even distribution of energy over the region) how would radiation be effected by the curvature? Would it create a red-shift / blue-shift as the radiation moved through the region or would it be un-effected?

    Has anyone explicitly solved for the metric tensor in the case of an even distribution of energy over a region of space?
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    Most cosmological solutions are like this. See for example the Wikipedia page "Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker metric". ("FRW" works too.)
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    "Curvature" is a rather general term. Do you know what particular sort of curvature you want to be constant, hangedman, or are you just trying to get a "feel" for what curvature is?

    I think most of the cosmological solutions will have a constant spatial curvature, for instance, but a time-varying curvature scalar R.
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