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Homework Help: Constant force?

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    It is true that whether using one rubber band or a bunch, a constant displacement will result in a constant increase in force?

    I did this experiment in school and both experiements gave me a linear line for Force vs Displacement.
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    That's Hooke's Law. To a close order of approximation, as long as you aren't near the elastic limit, yes.
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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "constant" in this context, urbanXrisis:

    We say that we have a LINEAR relationship between force and displacement if (for example) a doubling of the displacement causes a doubling of the force.
    In the case of rubber band (or a bunch of them), modelling the force/displacement as a linear relationship is close enough to reality to be called true..(up to a point, that is..)

    Was this what you were asking about?
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    yes, thanks for the replys, it helped me out
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    Urban, also consider

    Straight Line Equation

    [tex] y = mx + b [/tex]

    Hooke's Law

    [tex] F = kx [/tex]
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