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Constant Forces

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    A sled is dragged along a horizontal path at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s by a rope that is inclined at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the horizontal. The total weight of the sled is 470 N. The tension in the rope is 250 N. How much work is done by the rope on the sled in a time interval of 5.0 s?

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    What have you tried?
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    a) Only the Tension horizontal component performs work since the motion is purely horizontal.
    b) The Tension horizontal component is given by {(Tension)*cos(30 deg)}={(250 N)*cos(30 deg)}
    c) {Tension Power Delivered} = {Tension Horizontal Component}*{Horizontal Speed}
    d) {Tension Work Performed During Time Interval} = {Tension Power Delivered}*{Time Interval}

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