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  1. A constant direction force delivers a constant power of 45.0 W to an 8.00-kg mass which is
    initially moving in the direction of the force. At t = 0 s, the force is 5.00 N.
    Calculate the speed of the mass after 4.00 s.

    I've tried to do several different things, however I believe you need to integrate. My intregration skills are really weak, so please don't assume I'll know what you're doing if you skip alot of steps.

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    Welcome to PF.

    You're in luck. You won't need to integrate.

    But you will need to understand what power is.

    Like what units is power expressed in?
  4. Kg m^2/s^3

    Few more points would be helpful.

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    OK and how is power related to Force?

    Power = Force times ...?
  6. velocity.. however unfortunately the answer is not 9 m/s. The other information is needed to solve this.. as the force isn't the same throughout.. (it's 5.00 N only at t = 0 s)
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    You are jumping ahead a bit.

    The 9 m/s is the speed at t=0 however.

    Now think about what is a watt? A Joule/sec perhaps?

    And how many seconds? So how many Joules were added to the energy of the mass? ...

    And how many joules of energy did the mass have at t=0? And added together as Kinetic energy how fast does that mean the mass is going?
  8. Ahh thanks alot man.. appreciate it.
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