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Constant RPM of gas compressor

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    I would like to clear out my understanding of gas compressor. If it is moving at constant RPM, is it mean that it can only allow same volumetric flow rate all the time? So the power will remain constant too, (P=VI) then voltage and current will varies. My investigation is to find why there is changes of pressure and flow rate entering the compressor. Could anyone provide me some good explanation please. Thanks. I would like to know why the pressure inlet for gas compressor is decrease and I am wondering is it related to flowrate (in MMSCFD) as the flowrate is increase? kw6uJ.png
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    I would like to hear a little more about your process and flow monitoring. A quick glance at the data your provided shows a noticeable drop in inlet pressure. A drop in excess of 1 bar would mean a statistically significant reduction in gas flow. You are essentially correct in that the compressor is (or should be) relatively static. This drop in incoming gas would reflect in the outlet.
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