Constant velocity and torque?

  1. This is all hypothetical.

    Say that I build a machine something like an air-hockey table with pucks that move on it.

    Each puck has a magnet in it such that the pucks attract each other

    Now imagine that the puck can only go at one speed. no faster and no slower.

    If two pucks attract each other how can I calculate the path they would take ensuring that they always move only at a speed of X metres per second.

    I'm trying to write a program to simulate it.
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    Welcome to PF;
    Note: speed and velocity are different things.

    You will have to set the speed as a parameter in the program so that it is always the same - i.e. so that it's change of position in a standard time interval always has the same magnitude.
    I'm not clear on what you are asking for: you reaise the situation you described is non-physical right?
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