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Homework Help: Constant Volume/Ideal Gas

  1. Dec 15, 2004 #1
    Ok so I'm studying for my final tomorrow (AHH! I know!) and I'm going over gas laws. I have a problem giving me the starting pressure and temp and the final pressure, and its looking for the final temp. The volume is assumed to be constant. Now i know what to do if it was consant temp or pressure, Boyles law for constant temp and the Charles and Gay-Lussac (sp) for constant pressure. But what am I supposed to do for constant volume? Am I missing some law? I think it has something to do with ideal gas, maybe? But I'm not really sure. Is this even heading the right direction? Thanks.
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    If the problem is talking about ideal gas, gas law is PV = nRT.
    for a fixed amount of gas (fixed number of moles) at a fixed volume V, P is proportional to T ( R is a constant). So you have P1/T1 = P2/ T2

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