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Constantly Changing Gear Ratio

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    I have heard that this concept is already starting to be implimented in cars (constantly changing gear ratios), is this true?
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    it was done years ago by DAF, useing two pullies that expand or contract joined by a belt.
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    it was also tried in F1 but was banned
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    For googling purposes.... this is commonly called a "Continuously Variable Transmission" or "CVT".
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    I believe that there are several production cars that use it. The gas/electric hybrids I think.
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    What became of it/ why is it not more popular?
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    Ahh I see, thanks. Does anybody know if this is the only way CVTs are currently made?
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    AFAIK, belt-driven CVT's are the only type being put in automobiles. However, I do recall seeing a bicycle that appearently used a CVT which employed centrifugal force on weights attached to the hub of the tires.
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