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Construction Management

  1. Dec 26, 2008 #1

    I have a few questions for anyone who is currently working in construction as an engineer or project manager.

    I'm an HVAC/Building controls technician/installer and I want to pursue a career in the managerial side of the business. I only have an AS degree in electromechanical technology. I believe my shortest path to a graduate degree would be to pursue a BS in general business. Then I can enroll in a MS degree program in Construction Management.

    As much as I would like to pursue an an engineering degree, my schedule would not allow it. I work 50-60 hours/week. Because of this, I'm forced to pursue a business degree online from a fully (regionally) accredited university. Would not having a BS in CM or engineering present a problem if I wanted to pursue a graduate degree in CM?

    I know some schools have prerequisite courses that are required for a MSCM if you don't already have a CM/Engineering degree. Some of these schools seem to be pretty flexible when it comes to the types of undergrad degrees they allow into their graduate programs. However, I'm not sure if it's going to be that way in 5-10 years. There seems to be a growing movement towards certification for CMs, and I think a CM/Engineering degree is going to be a major requirement. An MBA in CM would be ideal, but not many schools offer it right now.

    Anyway, I'm a little confused as to what I should do. Your thoughts?
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    No. Either Excelsior College or Old Dominion University.

    BTW, regional accreditation is the highest form of accreditation.
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    Old Dominion University has a distance BSET degree...are you not interested in it?


  6. Dec 27, 2008 #5
    I was considering it, but it's an engineering technology degree. Not a regular engineering degree. It doesn't make much sense to put in the extra work to get that degree if it's not going to allow me to get an engineering license anyway.
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    Most of the BSET degrees (at ODU) are accredited by TAC/ABET so you can get your PE. The CET degree is one of those that is accredited:


    There is not that much difference in an engineering technology degree and normal engineering degree.

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    what the heck does this have to do physics?
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    It has more to do with engineering, but I can't find an engineering forum with users that post regularly.

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    Nothing, that's why it was correctly posted in the Academic Guidance sub-forum.

    What benefit does your comment add to the discussion?

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    No need to apologize, you posted your question in the correct place.

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