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Construction of Nanoshells

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    I can't seem to find much information on the construction of nanoshells. If anyone can post a link or briefly explain how nanoshells are generally created in a lab today, I would be very thankful.

    I'm supposed to write a paper on nanoshells and their impact on medical science. So any further help will be appreciated.
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    I have found the following at this website:

    Hope this helps, remember that googling with the word "nanoshell" gives useful info.
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    I googled for 3 hours before posting this thread :)

    Thanks for the link and advice anyway, though the link didn't provide much information regarding the construction of nanoshells.
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    Hey! extremely interesting subject! Congratulations

    I can´t help you, but I encourage you to continue working on it. Good Luck
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    You are right about not finding many useful links on google, Xenorelic. Maybe switching to more scientific search engines like Scirus or using the powerful connection options of your local library's scientific subcriptions, more tempting results are likely to be achieved. I strongly suggest that you search Chemical Abstracts for at least 2004-1998 period, available on CD-ROMs in many instutions. It contains information maybe never obtained elsewhere but a little abstract.
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    Scirus is great. Thanks.
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