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Construction On Luna

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    NASA anounced a few weeks ago that it will be building a colony on The Moon. Part of Bush's Mars initiative it will be home to Earthlings, a place, to research, explore, create, and most interestingly live.

    It will be the first step in getting to Mars. The idea that building rockets on The Moon is easier and easier to lit off since they could be so large.(except nuclear rockets). SO the plan is finally off. Our first off-world construction hab was SKylab. The RUssians had 7 but this was America's first. Now we have The International Space station which doesn't look so futuristic but like a regular room in space. Then there's the lunar colony.

    Base or colony this is gonna be a heck of a challenge. WHere are they gonna get the materials? Are they gonna ship them there? WHo's gonna have the nuts to put togeter a Lunar colony in a complete vacum. It's hard enough doing construction work on Earth, can't imagine the hardships in 1/6G, no air, and heavy spacesuits on.

    Then there's the psychological aspect. LIke the space station the first lunar base can't be to big. That thing looked like it had just 2 or 3 modules. WHat you would do all that time and how to get resources is beyond me. A good thing is that you're close to Earth and can make telephone calls. There's only be about a 2 second delay.

    But I want to look into the future. The point when we start building citites on other planets. IF you wanted to get s city of atleast 200,000 you'd better start mining your own materials.WHat we/they'd do for highways and transport is beyond me. Trains seem ideal. Just constructing a car in space would be hell, then there's gas, and the astronomical cost. SPeaking of which, what will they use for money? Of course there's going to be goverment, new culture(s0, and even religion. But I wanna know about the physical aspets about the place.With a 200,000 resident city you couldn't just build a big dome. If so you'd have to build several or a slew of small ones.

    Perhaps there'd be mile wide dome units with offices, food resteraunts, shopping,and housing. I think a tube system is more likely. Have streets and highways just liek ours cept they're covered all the way around. They'd be airtight and only have opnenings at houses, offices, busineses, parks, and other tunnel streets. Speaking of which, we/they could do it all underground. ALl the highways and roads underneath the surface and the buildings and parks pop up out on the surface. EItherway it would be most convenient to put all the pipes and wireing in the tubes also.

    All this seems possible, I just want to know will Michael Jackson or Depeche Mode come to Luna to tour.
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