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Constructive criticism for administrators

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    It always logs out of my account when I'm typing up a thread. Fix it.
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    How did you create this thread?????
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    Try to be more polite when addressing the admins. Your post comes off as very demanding and rude.

    Check to make sure your browser accepts cookies, and when you log in, make sure to click the "remember me" box.
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    If you are taking a lot of time to type a post, two things can help, first, choose "remember me" when you log in. Second, compose your post in something like Word or notepad and then paste it into your post.
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    Jamin2112 please try NeoDevin's suggestion and get back to us.
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    Is your signature supposed to be Biblical support for the Big Bang? Just curious.
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    I think I have it fixed. Safari is a stubborn browser.
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