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Constructive criticism for you folks

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    You folks are slacking off. I asked a homework quesiton and it never got answered, even though I bumped it up to the top of the Calculus & Beyond forum twice. And I had better luck finding a cool math proof by Googling than by explicitely asking the forum. Get your head in the game.
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    Sorry please send us your credit card details and we will issue a refund.
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    one question---how much time did it take waiting and looking for help rather than working on the problem yourself?
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    My sentiment mirror the above two posts. Obv. if you found the answer on google, it was pretty easy to find.
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    Constructive criticism for you too

    HI Jamin2112! :smile:

    You need to be a little more patient, and to stop putting people off looking at your thread.

    Your first post was at 7.20 am London time, when most PF members have just gone to sleep :zzz:, and some more are about to wake up.

    Your second post was only 18 minutes later, asking a totally different question (why didn't you start another thread? :confused:).

    Then you bumped it 11 hours later, and bumped it again 9 hours after that.

    (and even now, it's only about 25 hours later!)

    What is the point of bumping after only 11 hours??

    Many homework helpers give priority to no-reply threads, and I expect most members assume that any thread with two or more replies, of which the last is by the OP, is already being answered.

    So bumping can be counter-productive, and bumping after substantially less than 24 hours almost always is. :wink:
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    Re: Constructive criticism for you too

    I've always liked you, bro. Thanks for the advice.
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    Vanadium 50

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    A couple things you might consider.

    One is that your message conveys a real sense of entitlement - that it is somehow the obligation of the members of PF to drop whatever they happen to be doing and work on what you insist they work on. Instead you might instead think that they are doing you a favor and treat them accordingly.

    Another is that I see that you have started 46 threads, 45 of which are in "homework help". 43 of them have replies. So it seems to me that you're getting 95% of your questions answered, and you have concluded that this isn't good enough.

    Have you contributed to PF in any way? For example, helped someone else with their homework? I was looking for an example of this, but couldn't find it. If not, might your criticism be better directed inward? Why aren't you helping less advanced students on their timescales?
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    I've asked questions to help stretch people's thinking

    I usually answer questions on Yahoo answers. I don't know how to use the fancy-schmancy numerical notation on here, so someone asking a question will breeze over my answer in favor of a more experienced forumite's answer.

    [QUPTE] I was looking for an example of this, but couldn't find it. If not, might your criticism be better directed inward?[/QUOTE]

    Please don't try to be my bro-therapist.

    Fine---I'll make an effort to do that.
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    Doc Al

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    (Note: off-topic / unproductive posts deleted or moved. -- Redbelly98)

    Enough already. If you want to discuss problems and solutions, use the appropriate forum.
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