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Constructive Field Theory.

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    I previously took part in two separate threads where I slowly went through various field theories from a rigorous perspective. I would like to restart the discussion. Here are the two previous threads for anybody who would like to take part this time:

    Thread 1
    The pages from 12 on (and especially 15 and 16) are the most relevant.

    Thread 2

    So far [tex]\phi_{2}^{4}[/tex] has been constructed. For [tex]\phi_{3}^{4}[/tex] I have built the appropriate Hilbert Space on which the Hamiltonian is a well defined operator (it doesn't produce infinities in loose language) with no ultraviolet cut-off. However I must next show that it is self-adjoint and semi-bounded. After that I will need to remove the volume cut-off.
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    A. Neumaier

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    Welcome back! I am looking forward to learn about the next step of the ladder!
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