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Homework Help: Constructive interference

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    The figure (Intro 1 figure attatched ) shows the interference pattern obtained in a double-slit experiment with light of wavelength .

    PART A
    Identify the fringe or fringes that result from the interference of two waves whose phases differ by exactly .
    Enter the letter(s) indicating the fringe(s) in alphabetical order. For example, if you think that fringes A and C are both correct, enter AC.

    PART B
    The same double-slit experiment is then immersed in water (with an index of refraction of 1.33) and repeated. When in the water, what happens to the interference fringes?

    They are more closely spaced than in air by a factor of 1.33.
    They are more widely spaced than in air by a factor of 1.33.
    They are spaced the same as in air.
    They are shifted upward.
    They are shifted downward.

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