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Constructor theory

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    Nice paper by David Deutsch


    Constructor Theory
    David Deutsch
    (Submitted on 28 Oct 2012)
    Constructor theory is the theory of which physical transformations can be caused to happen and which cannot, and why. Several converging motivations for expecting it to be a fundamental branch of physics are discussed. Some principles of the theory are proposed and its potential for solving various problems and achieving various unifications is explored.
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    20 pages in and it's all useless definitions and garbage, as expected from what is apparently a philosophy department?
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    I might not understand Deustch's talk in Edge, but it seems he argues that the second law of Thermodynamics is a philosophical law and not a scientifical one, cause we can always argue for some invisible force acting there to correct for violation of the second law. (It's in 14-15 min).
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