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Homework Help: Constructor with a string paramater?

  1. Nov 6, 2011 #1
    I have a class for soccer players with these attributes:
    //players first name
    private firstName;
    //players lastName
    private lastName;
    //number of points scored by player
    private int pointsScored = 0;
    //number of assists the player had
    private int assists = 0;
    //the percentage kick penalty rate the player had
    private double penaltyKickRate = 0.0;

    i am assigned to have a constructor with a single formatted string parameter like this:

    public SoccerPlayerStats(String playerinfo) {
    //initialize values

    where the playerinfo string is formatted this way
    "Jane Doe: Points Scored: 3 Assists: 5 Kick Rate Percentage: 3"

    how in the world can i initialize these values in the contructor? With substrings maybe? It just seems a little wacky to me. Any tips will help : )

    - Amanda
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