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Contact between two rings

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    I would be interrested in comments, references, books, papers and web pages regarding the problem of mechanical contact between two rings.

    The attached picture describes the geometry of the problem: a ring (tube) is resting on the bottom of a larger ring (tube). These two rings are in contact in a certain zone, the size of which depends on the relative size of the rings and the forces acting on the system. Mainly the own weight of the rings and the contact pressure are involved. The inner ring is extremely heavy and the outer ring is used to reinforce it. Eventually, the large ring may rest on two rollers (a more complicated problem).

    I would like to calculate the deformations of the inner ring assuming a very high rigidity of the outer ring. A more complicated problem might involve the deformation of the outer ring, assuming it is resting on two rollers. I am also interrested in an analytical expression for the contact pressure and if possible for the angle of contact.

    Thanks for your help !

    PS1: I don't know how to insert a picture in my post. Any suggestion?
    PS2: But the attachment is shown! Is there a way to insert it somewhere in the text ?
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