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Contact force and bending

  1. Sep 22, 2015 #1

    When we have 2 bodies in contact with each other, for example a book lying on the surface of a table. The table's molecules bend a little bit because of the weight of the book thus producing the contact force. My question is this contact force acting on the book does also bend the molecules of the book?

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    Only of you consider the "bending" of molecules as a metaphoric expression. :smile:
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    Hello Again,
    During collision is there any compression of both objects? if yes, the collision is considered as elastic or non elastic ?

    Thank you
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    Yes, there is compression (deformation) for both elastic and plastic collisions.
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    Is the impulse force makes the deformation of the surface and the reaction force makes it on the second surface?
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    That's an irrelevant disctinction. Both forces in Newtons 3rd Law are on the same footing, and the choice which surface ist 1st and which 2nd is arbitary.
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    But do these forces make the deformation?
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    The forces are quantitatively related to the amount of deformation.
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    Ok but the forces do not deform the surfaces?
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    If there is deformation, then there are forces. And vice versa. Physics tells you how they are related quantitatively. The rest is philosophy.
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