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Contact Lenses

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    Is it okay to wear more than one in each/either eye?
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    Well, it won't kill you, unless you're trying to drive a car at the same time.

    I imagine the optics wouldn't work properly, but even if the optics were ok, I suspect that the lens wouldn't sit properly and would slide and/or irritate your eye.

    Of course, why would you want to? The broad range of possible lens types can cover most needs.

    However, some people do wear lenses AND use reading glasses in addition to that.

    Anyway, seems like a harmless experiment to try out...again, provided you're not driving a car at the same time. :)
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    Well somebody said this:

    It's not safe. period. i use to do it but then i stopped because many people said that it didn't allow enough oxygen to reach your eyes therefore it can lead to infections and such. you can do it, but you it will have effects. Once in a while is ok, but on a daily basis it's dangerous and can have long term effects. Your eyes are very valuable don't make a mistake please.
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    (asking for cosmetic purposes)
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    Why don't you ask your eye doctor? That would be the best way to find out what's okay or not for your eyes. We can't give you medical advice here.
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    there is potetial damage due to oxygen restriction, but this depends on the typ of contact as well as duration of use (soft lenses will work better) though generally its not a great idea to do this daily, and especially not to sleep in them, as some soft lenses allow when worn without another pair

    eye doctor response- (dont do it, it can damage your eyes...oxygen...bad...the end)
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    I'm not sure why it happens but I get blood shot eyes if I get too much vitamin E (even taking vitamins causes this). Has anyone ever heard of this before?
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