Contacting ET: Our Hopes and Fears

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... Michael Michaud is the author of a newly published exceptional book, "Contact with Alien Civilizations – Our Hopes and Fears about Encountering Extraterrestrials" (Copernicus Books). He suggests that the “prime question” is straightforward: Should we simply be watchers and listeners from our outpost in the universe, or should we actively seek contact by sending out messages, proclaiming our presence?

...Is it time for the U.S. Congress to re-look at the ET encounter business - given the increasing rates of extra solar planetary detection? [continued]
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On December 14, 1960, The Brookings Research Institute in Washington released a report prepared during 1960 for NASA entitled "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs", including a section entitled "Implications of a Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life". (Commonly referred to as "the Brookings Institute report".) The report discusses effects of meeting extraterrestrial life: "It is possible that if the intelligence of these creatures were sufficiently superior to ours, they would choose to have little if any contact with us. . . " (New York Times, Dec. 15, 1960) The original site for the 219-page report and the 50-page summary is listed below. For security reasons, if the site would go down, the NICAP site also hosts the full documents, also listed below. The article in the NICAP UFO Investigator that announced the release of the report in its Dec/Jan issue is produced below. Recently added is the New York Times article transcript, [continued]

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