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Contained Hydrogen Explosion

  1. Jan 4, 2008 #1
    This is an interesting thing to me, imagine a spherical container filled with a perfect hydrogen to oxygen fuel air mixture, there is an ignition source(such as a spark plug) in the container. So you light off the gasses, what happens to the pressure in the container? My resoning says obviously it spikes immediately, but then what happens, water is much more compressed than the gasses, so you've burned the hydrogen, and water is your result, because of the compression factor of the gasses into water, would it pull a vacuum on the container? and if it did, would it boil the water and keep it in a vapor state? are there any other byproducts in the container?
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    My spidey senses say there will be a pressure/heat spike and then the water will stay vapourised simply because it can in the resulting low pressure environment. No other byproducts.
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    that depend upon temperature
    if t>374.1 C
    water will remain in vapor state. irrespective of spike in pressure
    on the other hand if t< critical t
    and you maintain the temperature by any hypothetical process
    and p> needed for condensation at t
    volume of gas=[tex]\frac{v_{g}-v}{v_{g}-v_{l}}[/tex]
    if 1 mole of water is present
    where v[tex]_{g}[/tex],v[tex]_{l}[/tex],are molar vol.
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