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Homework Help: Container of Water Work Problem

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    You have a container which has the volume of y=x^4 from y=0 to y=16. This tank is filled with water...how much work is required to pump all of the water out of this 16 meter tall tank. I'm not too sure where I went wrong here because I know work is the integral of Force times Distance. Please help, thanks.
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    What is the force in this case? And what is the distance? How can you express the force and the distance?

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    It is impossible for us to tell you where you went wrong if you don't tell us what you did!
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    [tex]W = FD[/tex]
    [tex]F = VDg[/tex]
    [tex]W = \int (1000)(9.8)(V)(D)[/tex]

    This is where I run into a problem...I put that VD equals (pi/16)y^3dy. I really am not sure what to do from here because that's where my mistake is. Please help.
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