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Content.IE5 Folders

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    Okay can anyone explain to me what the Content.IE5 folders are good for? I know alot of compressed files are stored there and I also know that it is a virual folder...

    Please explain I have been racking my little brain and figured that I would post here because PF has the answers for everything!
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    I guess I am wondering how when I delete ALL THE ITEMS IN THE content.ie5 folder EXCEPT for the index.dat I can have a customer scan for a viurs and it show up in that spot and then when we go and try and find it it is not there, and the fact that it regenerated itself.
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    Run Ad aware and spy bot Search and destroy. They are both free. Just Google search them. They are easy to find and for gosh sake never use IE! Use Opera, Mozilla or Netscape ver 7.1. IE was crap is crap and will always be crap. Unless you like your system to have holes in it.

    Secure your PC
    Best Free set up-
    Run Ad aware and Spybot
    Use AVG anti virus and Keiro Firewall
    Also use another browser
    You will like netscape or opera the best

    Also use a good hardware firewall from a router like a linksys.
    You will have to cough up a few bucks for a good one.
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