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Continuous Fruit Fly Theory

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    Hello, I would like to get an opinion from somebody on a theory I find interesting.

    If a fruit fly were to live in a house; and only discreetly eat that which is necessary for survival, It is possible that it could remain unnoticed to a point where it may live comfortable for the rest of its life. In comparison to the outside world, the fruit fly would feel the house is a sanctuary of safety and comfort. The life expectancy would go up greatly as natural predators would be eliminated and there would be a constant supply of food. The life of the fruit fly would be the utmost enjoyable; the house and the home owner would be none the wiser. It is possible that a large percent of the fruit fly population would be able to seek refuge in houses around the world. However; it is not in the fruit flies nature to live discreetly in a home, because they naturally breed and eat as much as possible. They would continue like this until the food source is exhausted, or the home owner is bothered to the point of taking action. The home owner has two choices; they could either eliminate the source of food, which would intern eliminate the fruit flies, or they could take action and eliminate the problem, which is not the food source, but the fruit flies themselves. Such a simple creature as the fruit fly, does not have the capacity to to share the house with the homeowner because they do not understand that their over indulgence of eating and mating in an unknown environment will ultimately lead to their demise time and time again. That being said we cannot blame the fruit flies as they don't have the capacity to understand cause and effect; like humans do.

    The earth was here long before humans, as were its inhabitants; thus earth is an unknown environment to us. Much like the fruit flies; humans take advantage of the vast spoils of this unknown environment, its safety provides impeccable grounds for consumption and furthering our population. Humans do have a much larger capacity then fruit flies, however it is also human nature to procreate, much like the more simple fruit fly. Higher procreation demands a more effective form of consumption, so driven by more and more humans needing to consume, we use our greater capacity to develop more and more ways to consume. This trend would carry on through human existence for thousands of years. Much like the fruit fly, humans will procreate and consume until there is nothing left; Unlike the fruit fly, humans have not another safe environment just next door.

    After thousands of years humans constant consumption; we will ultimately have the same strain placed on them as the fruit fly. The first of which being humans consuming all the worlds natural resources until there is nothing left; as the rule of supply and demand states- the higher the demand the lower the supply. More and more humans continue to demand more and more everyday, and it is now taking a steady tole on the once safe and giving environment. Once all the supply is gone, humans wont simply be able to move next door like the fruit flies; we will be forced to yet again create more effective ways of consumption to insure our survival. If the fruit flies had the capacity to create ways to find a new supply, once they have consumed the present houses supply; their existence would be temporally saved, until they continued to bread and consume their new found supply to the point of annoying the home owner to the point of action. Once again, the home owner would either remove the current food source, or actively destroy them.

    Since the earth isn't as fortunate as having a home owner that would look after its best interest, like the home owner would do for a house; it is unable to actively seek and destroy each individual pesky visitor which has been taking advantage of it for thousands of years. It is however able to take extrema measures to insure its longevity, the equivalent of this is the home owner destroying every thing in the house by fire or biochemically, and simply starting fresh with out the presence of fruit flies. The earth has several ways of doing this; it is debatable if these events are able to be controlled by the world itself, but everyone can agree they have the earth has the means to do so via production of toxic gas/ diseases and also use of more extreme / less likely tools such as super volcanoes. Another solution to the problem the earth is currently facing, would be to use the equivalent of the home owner ceasing to replenish the supplies needed for the fruit flies to survive. Earth is able to produce the minerals needed to then become food for all species; some believe earth is also able to cease production of what is needed for any type of life.

    The fruit fly has shown us three ways of eliminating themselves from their newly found safe and prosperous environment The first being consuming until there is nothing left and being trapped in the kitchen to live with the consequences. The second being annoying the home owner to the point of taking drastic action to remove the fruit flies as well as other items in the house, and then simply refurnishing the home once it is fruit fly free. And the third being removing all traces of food until the fruitflys annoyance has disappeared. Because of its nature; the fruit fly will meet their demise like this time and time again, but the loop hole which insurers their survival is the choice to move on to another house once they are unable to live in the current one.

    To this point in human existence we have been living like fruit flies, and much like the home owners desire to destroy the presence of the fruit fly to get life back to how it was before they came, earth is able to destroy the presence of humans to insure its survival much like before we came.like the fruit flies humans also have a loop hole of escaping their demise; we have the capacity to know and understand what the fruit flies have taught us. We know if we live humbly and only consume what is needed, and limit population to the point of not annoying the earth; we would be able to live in this newly found environment as we have been so fortunate to do so for the past few thousand years. Although we may have not been the humans who decided to consume and reproduce at this rate, we have found our presence on earth to be distributing the peace it once enjoyed, and will be forced to ultimately continue this path of destruction, or begin to return peace to the now disturbed earth by changing our own human characteristics.
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    That is life. All species expand to discover the carrying capacities of their environments. Humans developed the intelligence to exploit a huge source of trapped energy - fossil fuels. And feeding off that source, we will rise and fall with Hubbert's curve. Peak oil was passed last year. So fasten your belts for the ride down the other side.

    Of course, cold fusion is back again. There is always hope I guess.
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    Our 'house' is currently about 70 billion light years in diameter, so we are very far from using up all of its resources. And there is more energy in the quantum vacuum than we can put to use(if we find a way to harness it). This, of course, assumes that we survive for another 100-200 years, which is not guaranteed. A new world war may quickly reveal to each and everyone of us what lies beyond the human experience.

    "Physics of the Impossible" is a damn good read on the topic by Michio Kaku.
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    ...but also very far from those other resources unless you foster irrational dreams about warp drives, teleportation or even singularities :smile:.
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    We have been around for 200 000 years. What's another 5 or 10 000? I can imagine anything - from teleportation to all of humanity into non-existence.
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    What would be sensible then is to constrain that free range of expectations with some modelling based on data. Peak oil, climate change, population growth. The basic constraints to growth are there to be factored in.
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    The Earth is not a conscious entity.
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    200000? I'd say 3 million.
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    WaveJumper's estimate is a lot more accurate...
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