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Continuously imaging with AFM

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    I am a newbie in AFM and do not have enough time to figure out the answer to a probably easy question:
    I need to image continuously, for several times without modifying the scan settings, a relatively flat sample (+/-3 or 4nm) and I notice the following:
    In CM, after a while, the deflection is drifted to (usually) higher values, fact that is modifying considerably the sample-probe interaction force. This is also visible in the images (higher or lower heights) and is destroying the sample.
    Similar effects I see in TM: after taking several images the set point doesn’t remain the same any more..the pictures are getting fade and I recover them only after modifying the scan settings.
    I would like to know what is the cause of these effects and if there is a way to eliminate them.

    Many thanks,
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