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Contour Choosing Problem

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    I would like to find this integral analytically by using “Cauchy Residue Theorem”, but my problem is what contour is suitable?

    [tex]\int {\frac {\exp(-M\omega) \exp(iN\omega)} {\omega^5(\frac{\omega^4}{f^4} + \frac{(\omega^2)(4\zeta^2-2)}{f^2}+ 1)}d\omega[/tex]

    From 0 to [tex]\infty[/tex]
    Where, M, N,f and [tex]\zeta[/tex] are real and positive.

    Since the function has a singularity at 0 on the Semi circle Contour, what do you suggest as a contour? A Keyhole Contour? or a semicircle contour with a small detour around 0?
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