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Contour Integral with just straight lines?

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    I'm trying to solve this contour integral shown on the attached file, I know usually that they involve curved lines. I know that this is trivial but I need some help with the problem. Please take a look.

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    You might get more replies if you typed the equations in your message - some of us don't have or use MS Word.
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    The problem states:

    Solve the contour integral [tex]\oint_C \vec A \cdot d\vec s[/tex] where [tex]A=y^2\hat x + 2x \hat y[/tex].

    C is the rectangular contour with vertices (0,0),(2,0),(2,4),(0,4).

    You could break the integral up and perform 4 seperate line integrals, noting the direction of the [itex]d\vec s[/itex] in each case or do it the quicky way by applying Green's Theorem.
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