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Contra-intutive problem

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    well consider a loop L a very big one i.e enclosing a large area. say in some small part of the lopp say approxiamtely at it's centre there is a magnetic field(only in that small area the field is present) which keeps changing with time.so is an inducede mf developed in the loop
    yes farady's law says so.but doesn't that seem so anti-intutive.it's like a gas cylinder bursts in arctic and the fire is in antarctic:tongue2:
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    The field isn't present in a small area, it spreads out for ever, getting weaker.
    But the big ring of wire is able to collect the field over a large distance and 'add' all the weak bits of field together.

    It's like a gas cylinder bursts inside a bank vault and you pick up all the pieces of shrapnel easily or a gas cylinder bursts in an aircraft hanger, you still pick up all the same pieces of the cyclinder - you just have to walk further to do it.
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    hmmm. nice correlation
    so what is that that produces the field(electric)
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