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News Contractor Fraud In Iraq

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    I can see now why Bush is asking for another 70 billion to pay for Iraq. If the no bid contractors turn out like these guys...:mad: :mad: :mad:

    and worse:


    The bigger picture: All of the talk about rebuilding Iraq was just that, talk.

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    This is why many Americans are beginning to question the notion of “nation-building” when our own country is deeply in debt, with cuts to Medicaid, student loans…and our own need to rebuild after Katrina…where we see the same no-bid contracts…
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    Of course not, they looted all the money when we failed to provide security for the nation. Also, no country has the money to rebuild on a massive scale when their entire infrastructure gets bombed. Is New Orleans already built by the local residents? No, outside contractors are bidding on the jobs. The same is true for Iraq. Why is it that Halliburton will hire and fly out American's to do their work? We already destroyed their country on a war based on bad intelligence. So we then had to shift gears and say we are going to rebuild Iraq to save face. Well, if you’re going to rebuild a country, you make the people of that country a major player in the rebuilding process. (Iraqi's cant drive a trucks now? Come on.) This means using the male work force to do something to make them feel they are important. What message do we send, you’re not good enough to rebuild your own country? This is utter crap. Give the people some work, so they will have less time sitting around doing nothing and start making trouble. I say ship in bulldozers, materials, shovels etc. Iraq has plenty of engineers and skilled workers with experience with these systesm. I mean, they did build them it is their country. They would be the best ones to fix it. We wouldn't be rebuilding half this mess had the country been kept under control after the initial invasion.
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    I do need to correct one thing:

    That figure is actually 120 billion. The 70 billion dollar figure is another requested tax cut.:rolleyes:
    The 120 billion brings the total funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanstan to over 400 billion. We sure didn't get much bang for our bucks did we? Some one can check my math, but off of the top of my head if we killed or detained 400,000 suspected terrorists/insergents, that would come to one million dollars for each one.??

    In one of the links above Bush is quoted as saying that he will request no more money for rebuilding Iraq. Which is good because I have a gut feeling that the contractor fraud discussed above is just the tip of the iceburg.
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    Another thing I would question is why we're not finding and prosecuting the people that do exactly the same thing here. Just as many government contracts are executed domestically, and I would imagine the level of fraud and added expense is just as bad. If we're going to suddenly be keen on cutting it out of Iraq, let's just go all-out and cut it out of everywhere.
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    What are you quoting from, Cyrus? Is that from the article?
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    Yea, its from Edwards quote he provided. My whole point is to give all those Iraqi's something to do. Give them all shovels. Make them dig a big hole for all I care, Just keep them too busy to blow things up. You have lots of Iraqis who dont have jobs, meanwhile we ship in workers from the US to do work? If I were an Iraqi, I would be pissed off too. Who did we come to help, them or ourselves?
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    I don’t know how familiar people are with the “Development Fund” formally known as the Oil for Food Program. But here is a summary:


    So basically the Iraqi people get screwed, while American companies rake it in…the largest single recipient being Halliburton, of course. One can see the chronology of events on Waxman’s site, for example:

    http://www.democrats.reform.house.gov/investigations.asp?Issue=Iraq+Reconstruction [Broken]

    But the Spoils of War don’t end here. Tort Reform begins with this:


    Interesting, these fund concepts--funds managed and accessible by whom? And before one can consider the relations between Cheney and kickbacks from Halliburton, and siphoning from various funds including the “Development Fund” in Iraq, we see this:


    Truly, the average American can’t comprehend the complex maize of wheeling and dealing by BushCo, going back to the Swiss investigation linking George W. Bush and Dick Cheny to big oil's bribes and pay-offs to foreign interests. A number of Halliburton's field operations have been linked to Exxon Mobil's and BP Amoco, some major Bush campaign contributors (including Enron contributions of $736,800 to Bush over the past eight years, his single largest contributor).

    I can only guess the American people are too overwhelmed, and have covered their ears singing La-la-la-la-la. But these guys are getting richER while our country goes further into debt.
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    And perhaps conflict of interest in general? (Spelled C-H-E-N-E-Y)

    We all know Bush and Cheney’s influence peddling before becoming elected (or should I say how they became elected?). Despite his spotty track record in the oil business, Harken Oil and Gas saw a bonus in Bush, whom it used not as an operating manager but as a high-profile board member. Likewise, Cheney’s performance for Halliburton was mediocre at best.

    But it doesn’t end there. When their terms of office are over, both will be hired as ‘consultants’ with a signing bonus (equal to what is being set aside for them from the plundering?). In the case of Cheney, he gives a new meaning to the term “revolving door.” Somebody needs to tell Dick you can’t get paid while in office.
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