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Contrapositive Statement

  1. Mar 14, 2009 #1
    The statement is:
    If α is one-to-one and β is onto, then βoα is one-to-one and onto.
    One-to-one is injection, onto is surjection, and being both is bijection. After showing that the statement is false, the contrapositive was asked for. The answer given is:
    If βoα is not one-to-one and onto, then α is not one-to-one or β is not onto.
    They changed the "and" to an "or." I was thinking that the "and" would be conserved in the contrapositive statement. Is it valid or necessary to change an "and" to an "or" for contrapositive statements?
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    The opposite of "A and B" is "not A or not B". This is one of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeMorgan%27s_laws" [Broken]. So yes, you need to change "and" to "or" in this case when forming the contrapositive.
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    The contrapositive of "if A then B" is "if not B then not A",

    But your question is not really about the contrapositive, it is about "Not (A and B)".

    "Not (A and B)" is the same as saying "(not A or (not B)".

    This is because "A and B" is true only if A= T and B= T. If A= T, B= F; A= F, B= T; or A= F, B= F, "A and B" is false. "Not (aA and B)" must be true in exactly those cases. In particular, it must be true in the cases A= T, B= F and A= F, B= T. That is precisely "(not A) or (not B)".

    "(Not A) and (Not B)" would be true only in the case A= F, B= F.
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    matt grime

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    No, the contrapositive is as stated: it is an or. You are negating things. The negation of

    A and B


    not A or not B

    so it is both necessary and valid.

    Think about it: suppose A and B together imply C

    Then "not C" can only happen if at least one of A or B is not true, and that's not A or not B.
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    So does that imply the above quote would equivalently be written as If βoα is not one-to-one or βoα is not onto...?
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