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Contrast quantum mechanics with general relativity

  1. Feb 15, 2004 #1
    Here is a partial list of concepts, correlating quantum mechanics and general relativity, that you may wish to supplement or modify:

    1. quantum <--> black hole
    2. discreteness <--> singularity
    3. phase space <--> spacetime
    4. uncertainty <--> cosmic censorship
    5. wavefunction collapse <--> gravitational collapse
    6. probability <--> geometry
    7. interference <--> dimensionality
    8. action <--> interval
    9. microverse <--> macroverse
    10. least action <--> maximal separation
    11. wavefunction <--> metric tensor
    12. subjectivity <--> objectivity
    13. complementarity <--> correspondence
    14. duality <--> simultaneity
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  3. Feb 22, 2004 #2
    Do the above juxtapositions help to understand quantum gravity?

    If not, how might this set of correlates be used?

    Is a unified theory possible without such underlying dualities?
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    Have you at least any idea what you are talking about? I can not even begin with listing what's wrong with that...

    I appreciate that you want to help bringing forth a greater understanding of QM/GR, but a bunch of juxtapositions is not going to help. This is physics, not poetry.

    The impression I get is that you want to put together a bunch of words without even grasping fully what they mean. Do you even know what a duality is?
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