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I Contravariant Covariant in GR

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    1) I read different texts on Contravariant , Covariant vectors.
    2) Contravariant - they say is like vector . Covariant is like gradient
    From what I see they have those vector spaces because it eventually helps get scalar out of it if we multiply contravariant by covariant

    Also Contravariant like chaneg in displacement and covariant is like change in function (may be the curvature of space here)

    Is that right?

    i understand contra/co are like 2 independent vector spaces and they act on each other to produce kronecker deltas but i fail to see why GR uses it so heavily and any physical meaning other than what i mentioned above

    Thank You
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    Thanks man
    I have read a lot about contra covariant but most texts articles I read fail to provide motivation behind the same.
    I was looking for that
    I will read article you shared anyways
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