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Contributing to research

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    I am someone who likes to come up with new algorithms. Is there a platform to exchange such ideas. Any mailing lists to advance computer science? Perhaps there are programs that accept new algorithms. Sorry if this is a vague post but this is a broad topic.
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    If you have a new algorithm its probably best to create a software with it and sell it. I don't think any company especially, would share their algorithms.
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    Good point. I only bring this up because I do know that there is a market for it out there.
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    Algorithms is a great field for development. What is needed, in order to give an important contribution in this field, is a substantial to expert knowledge and also to do a continuous search for what has been already invented / discovered including various improvements of already known algorithms, that are developed in an almost everyday basis. So, to elaborate a little more, you must test the algorithm you have developed in an extensive manner both with pen and paper and in a program form - this is really way more difficult than it may sound to be, and this is usually done in the form of a team with the outcome being peer reviewed and you must be absolutely sure that your algorithm is not already invented and / or is not already used in some form of freeware or commercial software. These last two things are also very difficult to verify.

    On the other hand, if you are really interested in this field - which I personally find an excellent thing to do, there are various ways to enhance your knowledge / expertise and discuss about your ideas but in the end, no one (I think) will be willing to give publicly such a substantial idea, so if you come up with something that is evidently such good, it may be best, as @kolleamm suggests, to implement it in some form of software and sell it. But again, this is by no means a discouraging statement, first be sure about your expertise on this field and test and search extensively.
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