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Contributing Users

  1. Jun 21, 2004 #1
    My friend is a member of a discussing board, and to be more precise as a contributer, I would like to know if a contributer will get paid or not. Can anyone help me ?
    Thanks a lot,
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    The title "contributor" here is usually given to those who pay for the premium memberships. So, you will be paying in order to gain a contributor title.

    If you mean getting paid by doing something for the site, I think Physicspost.com offers money for people willing to submit articles (not sure, but a mentor would know!).
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    Thanks Dagenais, (smile)
    My friend works for devshed, I just really wanted him to stop being a contributer there and that is all. I donot know lots of things there, or how the systems are structured, but it is not a good place to stick with, I think so, and I hope he would understand what I really mean.

    Just a thought, which might be wrong...but I -we- as always look up to him much, real life out there is like that, and that is what he and they have taught me....(smile)
    I learnt lots of things about OOP from him...;)

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