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Control engineering help

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    I am a second year student studying mechanical engineering and I severely need a good text book or lecture notes(preferably) for control engineering that covers the followings:

    -Review of: partial fractions, complex numbers, Laplace transform techniques.
    - Introduction of open and closed loop systems.
    - Application of Laplace transform method to system transient and steady-state response.
    - Block diagram method.
    - Examples of control systems including speed and position control.
    - Stability, root locus method.
    - Frequency Response
    Polar graphs or plots
    Stability analysis
    Nyquist Stability Criterion

    If you have a good text book plz tell me and if you have good lecture notes,plz share them with me. In the case of lecture notes, plz send them to nasiriparsa@gmail.com

    Best wishes
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    Look for Control System Engineering by Nise, 4th ed.
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