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Homework Help: Control Engineering

  1. Nov 28, 2009 #1
    I'm a having to place extremely coupled, nonlinear dynamics into state space form. I'm working on a quad turbine UAV. I myself have no experience with state-space or any form of control engineering for that matter.

    Do anyone know of good online reference material i could possible use?

    Also.... And if someone out there knows anything about state-space... is it possible to have your inputs inside your input matrix... For instance.

    I have 6 coupled equations... each having some terms resembling the term described below:
    (A^2+B^2)sin(alpha)*constants.... the problem i have is that I'm having to make (A+B) and apha a input (using the control algorithm i'm expected to use).... Now I cant work out how to place these terms into the input matrix form.... any suggestions would be amazing?
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