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Controlled Descent

  1. Sep 23, 2005 #1
    I am going to start working on the controlled descent of an amatuer rocket
    I want to go up to about 4000ft and then be able to have a controlled descent to a specific location.
    I am still very very early in the process and just brainstorming ideas about GPS locators and what not.
    has anyone ever done such a project? or have any suggestions
    all suggestions are welcome
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    Controlled descent how? Like some type of radio controlled vehicle you can glide back down to a specific landing area :cool:
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    possibly a radio controlled device
    or a semi passive system.
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    How about just using a very aerodynamic r/c glider as your payload or final stage. If necessary, spring load the wings so they don't deploy until the ejection charge fires. If you use sheathed cables instead of control rods for the aelerons and elevators, that shouldn't be a problem.
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    if you have a rocket comming down with a parachue you will have zero control with it. the only thing you could do is use a parafoil and connect servos and use an autopilot, but thats going to be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too hard to do within even one years time. The glider idea is your best bet, or shoot the rocket at specific tajectories so you know where it will crash, and somehow deploy the parachute when your near impact, so you can slow down and hit the ground there. I dont take it you design autopilots or you wouldent have asked, your best bet is manually trying to control it somehow, but again, real 'iffy' if you use a standard rocket. Its gotta be fairly big to carry servos, and now your no longer using a $20 estes model rocket, you need a big one and a certification and a lisence. Sorry to sound negative, but its a daunting task.
  7. Sep 24, 2005 #6
    it will be a 7inch diameter tube, with a high powered motor approximately J350
    (350 N of thrust)
    yeah i pretty much gave up the idea of using actual parachutes
    what I am thinking is deploying a large balloon that is anchored to the body in a couple of spots for rigidity
    and using really small control fans to navigate it as its coming down
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