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Controlled - NOT gate

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    Hi everyone. I'm just looking for schematics of cnot quantum gate, but on the Internet it only talks about it from a mathematical point of view. I want to ask you if you have some drawing, or schematics of it, from a "Physical" implementation, in the sense, how are the spins prepared, how we realize the entalgment between them, in that case, and so on...Thank you :)
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    It depends on what physical system the qubits are encoded into. If you Google "implementation of a quantum cnot gate", you will get many good links.
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    It depends on how the qubits are implemented, so really you're asking about "how do people implement qubits that can be controlled and how do they make them interact?".

    The exact details are hairy. Although, I happen to remember Christopher Monroe gave a talk at Google in May, and he mentioned how to implement a controlled-not gate in a trapped ion computer. It's at around 33m. You might need the preceding context from the rest of the talk for it to make sense to you.
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    It s exactly like that. I m not much interested in the schematics, or the way se see them mathematically, just looking for some links that explain how to implement single qubits and gates, and maybe quantum error correction. There were some articles about that on phys.org, but I m just lookjng for something free and more 'detailed'. I know that there could be different ways to implement cubits, though.. Such as ion trapping, and so on..
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