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Controversial Topics

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    Hi, does anyone know of books, magazines, websites, anything that introduces controversial topics, and then discusses two or more points of view with equal regard? I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge on both sides of any sort of political, social, or moral issue.

    If you have anything like what I've described above, please share.
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    For the most part you will need to read multiple books. No one author is going to be completely unbiased even if they try. A mere matter of perception, looking at things from different angles, can give you an entirely different perspective so more than one book on any topic is best.

    Unfortunately my controversial interests are more historical.

    Hitler and the Occult by Ken Anderson is a neat book that tackles the historical myth that Hitler was an occultist. He seems to have it out for Ravenscroft, the author of The Spear of Destiny and primary source of Hitler Occult mythology, so somewhat biased.

    Vlad the Impaler: In Search of the Real Dracula by M J Trow is an interesting read that tackles historical myths and legends attached to Vlad Tepes/Count Dracula.

    I'll see if I can think of anything more that might be more modern.
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