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Homework Help: Convection nuclear reactors

  1. Aug 23, 2008 #1
    convection...nuclear reactors...**

    hey guys, there is one question i am having a great deal of trouble trying to find formulas and stuff for out of my text book and dont really have the time or patience to search through hundreds of google pages :bugeye:.

    so any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! :biggrin:

    A typical nuclear reactor generates 1000 MW (1000MJ/s) of electrical energy. In doing so, it produces 2000 MW of waste heat that must be removed from the reactor. Consider a reactor where the intake water is at 18°C. Regulations limit the temperature of the output water to 30°C so as not to harm aquatic organisms. How many kilograms of cooling water have to be pumped through the reactor each minute?

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    Re: convection...nuclear reactors...**

    You'll need the specific heat capacity of water, the amount of heat it takes to raise the temperature of 1 kg. of water by 1º C. You will then want to find how much water 2000 million joules would heat from 18º C to 30º C. That's how much water would have to be passed through the reactor every second. Finally, you need to find how much that would require per minute, in order to answer the question.
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