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Converge problem

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    hi all.
    I am very confusing there exists such a convergent number of this equation.

    x[n] = 0.5(x[n-1]+x[n-2])

    with the initial value x[0]=3, x[1]=5
    if n goes infinity, x[n] may go to 13/3.

    How can I approach this problem?

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    Gib Z

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    You have described a recurrence relation and proposed a limit for it, but we don't know the question you are asking?

    Are you asking whether or not that sequence converges at all, or to that particular numer 13/3 ? What is the exact wording of the problem you were given?

    Furthermore: This isnt even the Homework help section! Please in the future create these threads in that section.
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