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Convergence issue

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    Hi ....
    I have been trying to solve Stokes equation in 3D micro - geometrical meshed. I'm currently exploring the Fluid model>Creeping flow>stationary of COMSOL 4.4. Comsol failed to solve my problem. it continue showing me "Failed to find a solution. Divergence of the linear iterations.Returned solution is not converged".

    Going through discussion forum, someone suggested that unchecking "p" on "solver manager" in "solver paramters" would help solve the problem.
    Please can anyone help me on how to locate this SOLVER MANAGER in COMSOL 4.4.?
    or what is the best approach?..

    Thank you all,
    Otaru, A.J.
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    Hi Abdulrazak. Welcome to Physics Forums.

    The forum where you have posted this is for personal Introductions only, and not for technical discussion. You must choose a suitable technical forum for technical questions. Please go to the PF home page and choose an appropriate subforum and post again.

    I hope you find someone who can help you.
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